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Philip Charles

Development of the cover for the book, and a website with an online store

Philip Charles is a coach and entrepreneur of 50 years from London. He sees his mission as motivating ĸclients to success through the rules of organizing their time, health, and relationships.
Web Design
Book Layout
Personal Brand
Phillip Charles
Designing the book cover marks a pivotal stage in bringing the printed version to life.
Beyond the meticulous typography and layout endeavors, our creative process extended to the conception of bespoke illustrations. Infused with a touch of gentle irony, these illustrations serve to elegantly "dilute" the intricate subjects explored within the pages of the book.
Simultaneously, we embarked on the development of a sophisticated website and an online store, meticulously crafted on the Laravel framework.
This digital ecosystem not only functions as the focal point for our literary offerings but also hosts exclusive training videos.
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